NOVA BOSSA, which means 'new style' or 'new beat,' is a luxury retailer promoting up-and-coming international brands through a unique selection of handmade or small production ready-to-wear, jewelry, handbags, accessories, shoes and home décor. Launched in February 2017, NOVA BOSSA partners with top talent from Brazil and other emerging markets to bring a global and fresh definition of luxury through design.


Carolina Furukrona is Founder & CEO of NOVA BOSSA, LLC. With a passion for travel, design and entertaining, Carolina's own lifestyle serves as inspiration for the brand. A native of São Paulo, Brazil, she enjoyed a successful career as an executive in the public and private sectors in the United States prior to becoming an entrepreneur, holding senior positions at The Smithsonian Institution, The European Institute and publicly-traded company Rosetta Stone, where she was responsible for B2B sales and operations in 33 countries. After completing more than 100 international trips and receiving the executive education certificate 'Women and Power: Leadership in a New Era' from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, Carolina was inspired to create a company that enabled top fashion brands from her native Brazil and other emerging markets to become global, and that invested in rising women designers in particular.